Clubs within a Club

At Windstar, our extensive range of Clubs reflects the rich diversity of our Membership. Here, you're guaranteed to discover a community of kindred spirits who share your passions and interests, providing ample opportunities for friendship and camaraderie.


fishing boat

The Windstar Fishing Club seamlessly integrates with our Florida lifestyle and waterfront location on the Bay. Members can expand their fishing expertise, exchange angling tales, and bolster camaraderie through a variety of activities including monthly gatherings, beach fishing at Keewaydin, exploring the Windstar ponds, guided inshore and offshore trips, as well as overnight excursions.


wine club

From the novice to the experienced wine aficionado, all Members are welcome to join the Windstar Wine Club. This Club fosters friendship amongst Members with a shared passion for wine. An added benefit, the Wine Club provides a locker program that enables Members to purchase and store their specialty wines at the Club!



The Ladies Book Club isn't just about books—it's a literary adventure with a side of fantastic food and even better company! Brimming with engaging discussions about the newest page-turners and mingling with fellow book lovers, it's the ideal combination for creating memories filled with fun, camaraderie, and lasting moments!


members socializing

With a diverse Membership of passionate enthusiasts, every gathering is an opportunity to share stories, expertise, and appreciation for the art of cigar smoking. Whether indulging in premium blends, engaging in lively discussions, or simply unwinding in good company, the Cigar Club fosters a welcoming and vibrant community.


imgThe Bourbon Club is a spirited community where enthusiasts come together to savor and celebrate the rich heritage of bourbon. Every meeting is an opportunity to explore new flavors, share tasting notes, and deepen one's appreciation for this beloved spirit. Whether it's discovering rare bottlings, attending exclusive events, or simply bonding over a shared love for bourbon, the Bourbon Club is perfect for any whiskey lover.


imgThe Bridge Club is the perfect destination for card enthusiasts seeking intellectual challenge and camaraderie. Whether it's the thrill of a competitive game, the opportunity to refine your strategy, learn new techniques, or simply the joy of exercising the mind, the Bridge Club offers a dynamic and engaging environment that makes it an excellent club for anyone passionate about the game.


imgWith opportunities for players of all levels, every gathering offers an opportunity to learn and grow in this timeless game while forging lasting friendships. Whether it's the thrill of a well-played hand, the shared excitement of a winning streak, or simply the joy of spending time with fellow enthusiasts, the Mahjong Club offers a welcoming and supportive environment that makes it a wonderful Club to join.


bicycling at sunset

Members have the opportunity to embark on exhilarating group rides, discover scenic routes, and challenge themselves through various cycling events and activities. Whether it's the thrill of conquering new terrain, the sense of accomplishment after a challenging ride, or simply the joy of sharing the road with fellow cyclists, the Cycling Club provides a supportive and energizing environment.


imgThe Singles Club offers a vibrant and welcoming community for individuals looking to expand their social circle, embrace new opportunities, and have a fantastic time along the way. Whether it's social events, outdoor adventures, or themed gatherings, this Club fosters a supportive environment where Members can enjoy each other's company and create lasting memories.


imgWhether you're a seasoned marksman or new to the sport, the Sporting Club offers camaraderie, excitement, and the opportunity to take your shooting abilities to the next level. With an emphasis on safety and a roster full of activities, the Sporting Club welcomes any new Members.


imgThe Audubon Club offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in the thrill of birdwatching and unveil a mesmerizing array of feathered treasures, including rare sightings like the Glossy Ibis, Wood Stork, Blue-Winged Teal, Shoveler, Greater Yellowlegs, and majestic White Pelicans. Delve into the heart of nature's spectacle and witness these magnificent creatures grace our skies, offering a glimpse into their fascinating lives.