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Windstar Wine Club

The Windstar Wine Club is a new amenity that enables members to purchase and store their specialty wines at the club, and provides activities that promote friendship and shared passion for wine.

Features and Benefits:   
  • 12 (750ml) Bottle Wine Locker
  • Personalized Name Plate
  • No Corkage Fee (Regularly $15)
  • Priority Reservations at Wine Dinners
  • Discount on Wine and Food Socials
  • Access to Vendor Wholesale Pricing +10%
  • Access to Vendor Promotional Wine Pricing
  • 55 Degree Cellaring
  • Storage is available for up to 2 cases per Locker (one in the locker and one cellared)
How many Lockers are there?
There are 96 lockers available. 

Who can lease a Locker?
Lockers are available to all members of Windstar on Naples Bay on a first come first served basis. To complete the reservation process members are required to sign a Wine Locker Agreement Form, available from the Food and Beverage department.

Who can I contact for information or to lease a locker?
The Windstar Food and Beverage department.

Are the lockers temperature controlled?
The lockers are not temperature controlled, but we have 55 degree cellaring available.  Wines can be chilled prior to your arrival at your request. 

When can I order wine?  

Members can order any wine available through our distribution network. Special Vendor Promotions will also be made available for purchase. 

How do I pay for the wine I order?
All wine purchased will be billed to Member’s Account upon wine’s arrival.

What do I do if I want a bottle of wine from my locker?
You may access your locker with your key at any time. Requests for bottle retrieval from locker must be made to a Manager at least 2 hours prior to arrival. Club accepts no responsibility for contents of locker. We will be happy to chill, open or decant your bottle before your arrival.

What happens if a locker key is lost?
There is a $15 replacement fee for lost locker keys.

What wine is allowed in Wine Lockers?
Wines purchased through the club and wines brought in from your personal collection.

What happens if a bottle is broken or stolen?
All wine is stored at the members own risk. Rare and expensive wines will be stored in the locked, padded, wine cellar at 55 degrees. The floor of the wine cellar will be layered with a protective padding to prevent wine bottle breakage.

What if I do not finish a bottle of wine?
Florida law states that once opened, a bottle of wine may be taken home as long as the wine is re-corked, placed in a sealed bag, and a receipt is placed with the unfinished bottle.   

How will staff be compensated if wine is not on the check?
A service charge of $10 per bottle opened will be 100% distributed to staff as a gratuity towards wine service.

Do my wine purchases go towards my Food & Beverage minimum?
No, only wine purchased from our wine list goes towards the minimum.