Men's Golf

Dan Heaslip , PGA Director of Golf
Kevin Kohlasch, PGA Head Golf Professional
Jeff Reilley Assistant Golf Professional
Dan Doyle Assistant Golf Professional
Brad Moore Assistant Golf Professional
Monica Raimer Merchandiser
Golf Shop
November – April 7:00 am – 5:00 pm
May – October 7:00 am – 4:00 pm
Practice Facilities
Tuesday – Sunday 7:15 am – 6:00 pm
Mondays 7:15 am – 3:45 pm
Golf facilities closed on Tuesdays from May 15th through October.
Complimentary golf bag storage is available to our members annually or short term. Player services will be glad to care for your golf equipment. Please refrain from leaving any food items in your bag.
Equity golf members may reserve tee times 7 days in advance beginning at 7:30 am. (Example: Monday for the following Monday). Members may be present, go online at  or phone in to reserve tee times. Social with Golf members have 2 day advance privileges
May 1st through October 31st. Reservations are made by the golf shop.
Four Man Challenge – Double Cup Points
    Wednesday, January 3rd Pairings Party (team draw) 5:30 pm
    Friday, January 5th Round 1 (tee times 1&10)
    Saturday, January 6th Round 2 (8:30 am Shotgun)
Teams will be comprised of 4 players to be drawn at the Pairings Party on Wednesday evening. Single signups will be accepted up to 80 players. Additional foursomes may be added at the discretion of the Tournament committee and Professional staff. The players will be placed in “A”, “B”, “C” & “D” categories based upon handicap indexes. One player will be drawn from each category to comprise a four man team of A, B, C, & D players. The first round format will be a scramble and the second round will be the best 2 balls of 4 net using 90% of handicaps. 

President’s Cup – Double Cup Points
    Saturday, January 13th Team Qualifier (top 32 teams qualify) 
    Monday, January 15th Matches Begin
TEAM FORMAT – 1 BB OF 2 MATCH PLAY – 32 Teams qualify
Single elimination Match Play tournament. The format is 1 better ball of partners Match Play stroked off of the low ball in the match. Round 1 matches will be posted January 15th and completed within a specified time frame. Successive matches will be completed by specified dates culminating with the finals by March 9th. The field will be seeded pursuant to qualifying scores. Please be sure that you will be available to compete in each match prior to signing up! Tee times should be agreed upon and arranged by the teams competing in the match. The final two teams will face off for the President’s Cup Championship.

Two-Man Member-Member – Double Cup Points
    Wednesday, January 31st Cocktail Party 5:30 pm
    Friday, February 2nd Round 1 (tee times 1&10)
    Saturday, February 3rd Round 2 (8:30 am Shotgun)
Choose another Windstar member to form a winning team. Start by joining your partner for drinks and friendly wagering on Wednesday evening. The format is Better Ball of partners, stroke play net for Round 1 and Team Stableford points for Round 2. 

The Gentlemen’s Invitational – Double Cup Points
    Thursday, February 22nd Practice Round/Father-Son
    Friday, February 23rd Matches 1,2 & 3 
    Saturday, February 24th Matches 4 & 5 & Shootout
Make arrangements with your favorite partner to enjoy three competitive days of golf. On Thursday, there will be practice rounds with an optional 1 better ball of 2 tournament and the annual Father/Son event. The format will be the ever-popular Match Play in Flights with flight winners advancing to the Shootout to determine the Champion team. 
*Additional event details to follow*

Men’s Club Championship – Match Play - Double Cup Points
     Saturday, March 10th Medal Play Qualifier(Low 8 advance)
     Wednesday, March 14th Round 1 Matches
     Friday, March 16th Round 2 Matches
    *Saturday, March 17th Finals
Our Men’s Club Championship will be a Match Play event for all flights. There will be a medal play qualifier on March 11th to determine the players that will advance to the match play format. The lowest 8 GROSS scores in each flight will advance. Players will be grouped into flights by handicap. The Championship Flight will consist of players with a 10 handicap or less as well as any players electing to move up to the Championship flight. 

Following the Club Championship finals on Saturday, watch the two men who qualified as Captains draw the WINDSTAR CUP TEAMS that may bring the Ryder Cup style matches down to the final hole.

The Windstar Cup – (Ryder Cup Matches) 
     Thursday April 5th Pairings Party 5:00 pm    
     Friday, April 6th  (tee times)
     Saturday, April 7th (tee times) 
Two twelve-man teams will compete head to head in the following format:
There will be two rounds of competition. In the first round, each team will match six twosomes against each other. There will be two separate nine-hole matches within the eighteen-hole round. The first nine hole match will be four ball (best ball of partners) match play, 100% of handicap, stroked off the low handicap in each match. The second nine hole match will be modified alternate shot match play, handicapped at 50% of the difference of the combined team 9-hole handicaps.
The second round will consist of twelve individual matches, handicapped at 100%, stroked off the low handicap in each match.
Each nine-hole match will be worth 1 point and each individual eighteen-hole match will be worth 1 point for a total of 24 points available. 
Teams receive 1 point for each match won and ½ point for each match halved.
The first team to reach 12 ½ points will be the Windstar Cup CHAMPIONS. 
If the overall competition ends in a tie (12 points for each team), two predetermined members from each team will play “sudden-death” until there is a winner. The format will be four ball (best ball of partners) match play, 100% of handicap, stroked off the low handicap in the match. Play will start on hole #1.
Points will be accumulated throughout the season by participation and individual achievement while playing in the MEN’S DAY EVENTS and WINDSTAR MEN’S MAJORS. The 24 golfers with the most points accumulated at the completion of the Men’s Club Championship will qualify. Ties for final qualifying spots will be broken via the following sequence: Most first place finishes: Most second place finishes, etc. The two golfers with the most points will be designated as Team Captains – The Gold Team captained by the highest point total and the Black Team captained by the second highest point total. The Team Captains will play as team members.


ALL PLAYERS will receive 2 points for participating in an Event.
Double participation points will be awarded for all majors. In addition to participation points, performance points are awarded as follows;
1st place = 5 pts,    2nd = 4 pts,    3rd = 3 pts,    4th = 2 pts,    5th = 1 pt
(on team events, all team members get points)
Low Net – 1st place = 5 pts,  2nd = 4 pts,  3rd = 3 pts,  4th = 2 pts,  5th = 1 pt.
Low Gross – (same points as Low Net, 1 spot per 3 Net)
Low Net – 1st place = 5 pts,  2nd = 4 pts,  3rd = 3 pts,  4th = 2 pts,  5th = 1 pt.
Low Gross – 1st place = 5 pts 
Four Man Challenge
Each winning team member receives an additional:
1st place = 10 pts, 2nd = 8 pts, 3rd = 6 pts, 4th = 4 pts, 5th = 2 pts.
President’s Cup
Champions – 10 pts
Bracket Winners = 8 pts, Bracket Runner-ups = 6 points
Bracket Semi-finalists = 4 points
Each winning team member receives:
1st place = 10 pts, 2nd = 8 pts, 3rd = 6 pts, 4th = 4 pts, 5th = 2 pts.
Men’s Invitational
Flight Winners = 10 pts,  Flight Runner-ups = 8 points
Men’s Club Championship
Flight Winners = 10 pts,  Flight Runner-ups = 8 points