Ladies 9 Hole League

This is a great group for new members, especially new players looking to hone their skills and knowledge of the game, as the games are low key and social in nature. They play every Tuesday morning, and several times a year there are events that culminate with a luncheon.  Annually, there is a charity day to raise funds for local organizations.  Every other year there is an invitational day where 9-hole leagues from around Collier County are invited to join Windstar for a game of golf and lunch. There are close to 100 members of the Nine-Hole League.  

The purpose of play is to:
  • Provide a positive and friendly atmosphere for women to improve their golf skills
  • Learn the rules and etiquette of the game through regular play and special events
  • Encourage new golfers and meet new members
  • Play golf in accordance with the USGA rules except as modified by local rules
Once a week, there is a clinic for the Nine-Hole women, covering all aspects of the game including rules and etiquette.
If you would like more information on the Nine-Hole League, please contact one of the following members of our Executive Board:
Anne Ivey, President –
Cathi Merryman, Vice President -
Liz Freher, Secretary -
Josie Stephens, Treasurer -